Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WATSONS and UNILAB (Fight Against Superbug Campaign)

How important is your health? Do you take any vitamins to make your body healthy? What if you have got a bad bacteria? Are you healthy enough to ignore it? Or would you still take an antibiotic?

Antibiotics are powerful medicines that fight bacterial infectionsTaking antibiotics will take its effect and will effectively get rid of such bad bacteria if these were taken properly. Have you heard that when antibiotics taken in a wrong way, will just help a bad bacteria grow and it will lead to a virus? This virus was now called a "Superbug".

Superbugs are the deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria that might cause fatal illnesses to each patient. How deadly is this bacteria? The most powerful class of antibiotics which is the "Carbapenems" cannot cure this kind of virus. This infection is now spreading across the world (India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea). Do we need to wait for this kind of infection to invade us here in Philippines?

Belgium (June 2010) : Media confirmed that 1 man died because of NDM-1 infection. NDM-1 (New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase) is an enzyme produced by Superbugs that neutralize antibiotics. A mutation that can be passed from one type of bacteria to another.

Dr. Eric Tayag (Head of DOH-National Epidemiology Center) warned us that stopping such infection from entering our country will be very difficult for them due to so many travelers who arrive everyday.

When a bacteria survives in an improper antibiotic treatment, superbugs mutate and evolve. These virus will now have the ability to neutralize antibiotics and I am sorry to tell this but this infection doesn't have any cure for now. The only way to fight this is through prevention by following doctors prescription and changing bad health habits.

  • Self-Medication - We do have different types of bodies and it means that taking medications same as what the others are taking just because both of you have the same illness is a big mistake. Only doctors know what kind of medicine should we take. Every medicines or antibiotics differ to each kind of illnesses. They are the only one who can tell how many medicines should we take in order to kill the bacteria inside us.
  • Non-Compliance with antibiotic dosage - This is dedicated to all hard-headed people who always violate doctor's prescription. Some of them thinks that when they already feel strong, they will just discontinue taking antibiotics as what their doctors told them. Some of them thinks that it would be better to take antibiotics more than what the doctors prescribed. They do not know that what they're doing will just worsen  their health and will develop Superbugs.
  • Unsanitary Habits - Cleanliness is always next to Godliness. That saying is very important to us. Clean surroundings, clean body and clean food will help us to prevent from having a bad bacteria.


We all know that some of our medicines was made by different pharmaceutical companies and one of that is UNILAB. They are the one who supplies different kinds of medicines in hospitals, clinics, drug stores and pharmacy's like WATSONS.

Good thing UNILAB and WATSONS implements a joint campaign.
  • Providing a staff of competent and knowledgeable pharmacists. Watsons pharmacists give consumers advice on how to use antibiotics properly
  • Offering these antibiotics to consumers in Compliance Packs.
Compliance Packs - can be bought in all WATSONS pharmacy for just about 40% to 60% lower than other multinational brands prices. These packs contains materials that will teach us how to use antibiotics properly to avoid Superbugs.

Listen to what your doctor says. Follow every little step that they may prescribed. Live a healthy life with WATSONS and UNILAB.

*Thank you so much WATSON, UNILAB and Sir Chris for giving us a very meaningful information. Will spread this information to let other people know the right use of antibiotics.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Successful "Tunog Natin!" Concert

Have you been to a concert? Have you tried to a take a picture with them that is so close to your camera? A lot of us loves to go to a concert. If you are one of the fortunate people that can buy a single ticket closer enough to see your favorite singer, well good for you. Some teens nowadays will save their money for that concert, only to find out their savings is just enough for the lowest price. But still they will going to buy that ticket even if they cannot see what does the singer do in stage.

I was once got a chance to watch a concert with my friend. It was his treat, so Alex and I went to the concert together. I had so much fun even if I can't see the singers, I find myself clapping, dancing and singing because I know all their songs.

Honestly, I do not go to any concert if I am going to pay for it. I really value my money so much. I will just save it and spend my money to our basic needs. But how about to those less fortunate who loves to go to a concert? That's why I am still thankful that there are still free concert in our country, like "Tunog Natin! OPM Free Concert Series".

Tunog Natin! OPM Free Concert Series held last June 15, 2011 at the Ayala Triangle Garden. I was so excited when I got an invitation from Chris Cahilig Consultancy and Avida Land Corp. Without any hesitation, I said "yes, I'll be there!". I will not let this opportunity pass, especially that all performers are my favorites. From Rock Bands such as Callalily, Pedicab, True Faith, 6cyclemind; Boy Band like 1:43; Acoustic Artists such as Sabrina and Princess Velasco; Artist-Composer like Myrus; Acoustic Act like Aries Sales; OPM Bossa Nova Queen like Sitti; Multi-Awarded R&B Artist like Arnee Hidalgo and the Classic Singer-Songwriter from APO Hiking Society no other that Mr. Jim Paredes.

I went there with my sister Rueka and my cousin Maris. Unfortunately we are 1 hour late and yes, we didn't witness Aries Sales and Jim Paredes performance. But still we never lose our hope especially at that time when we heard 6cyclemind singing because we know that the party has just begun.

I feel so lucky when I got a chance to meet and greet all the performers, thanks to Ms. Judy and Sir Chris. Backstage was full of securities yet we we're able to enter the high-secured area and had a lot of time to chat with the other performers. Pictures below will show you how much I enjoyed the concert:

with my cousin Maris
with Aaron Ricafrente (Callalily)
with Medwin Marfel (True Faith)
with Raymund Marasigan (Pedicab)
Interview with Callalily
I never got a chance to take pictures with the other singers because I am so busy listening to their songs and the two girls are also busy chatting with the other performers at the backstage, hahaha! And this is what they have got:

maris and rueka

I love these performers! why? because they are so approachable and nice that when you wanted to take a picture with them, without any hesitation they will give you a very nice pose and a friendly smile. Talking about friendly smile, if there is one artist that has stood out... for me, that would me Myrus.

thank you dear alex for this cute photo :)
He was not like the others who would just stay at the backstage to avoid getting too much attention from his fans. Instead he was there at the public, unsecured, chatting and making friends with the other people. And of course I didn't want to end the concert not talking to him. That's why I grabbed any chances that he's not busy talking with other's and yes, I asked for an autograph!

myrus and medwin
After getting an autograph with them, I told him (Myrus) how good his voice and I can't imagine that he was the "singing junakis" of the popular "mudak bekimon" in YouTube. Check out this two videos: Junakis singing Sayang and Junakis singing Sana Maulit Muli.

Philippines has a lot of good singers but afraid to show their talents. Why? because instead of supporting them, we do keep on criticizing and comparing their crafts to the other foreign singers. Our local singers will be a great help for bringing back the respect that we lose a couple of years ago. For us Filipinos, please let us support our very own so that discrimination and racism will not be experienced by our fellow countryman anymore.

Thank you so much Sir Chris (Chris Cahilig Consultancy) for giving the these persons another chance to show their talents with the help of your company and guidance. :) We will support you all throughout! Tunog Natin! Sariling Atin!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome to the Philippines On-Running!

What sports do you play and how long have you been playing? I love volleyball so much. I used to play volleyball when I was a kid, of course with my playmates. I always wish that someday I will not just sit on the court-side watching those volleyball players playing but also be one of them and being watched by others. Until Homeowner's Association put up a Volleyball League for youth in our subdivision. Good thing that I am already a teenager, so lucky that I was assigned in Red Team.

Captain Ball told us that before the league start, we need to undergo lots of trainings which they called it "try-out". I asked her why do we still need to do it if we are already good enough to play that game? She just told me that I should be in the meeting place tomorrow morning at 5am. 

At exactly 5am in the morning, I was already in front of our Captain Ball's house. When she saw me, it was like she's scanning all over me from head to foot. I ask her why, and she just said "why are you wearing slippers?". Other members of the Red Team was looking at me and yes, they are wearing rubber shoes. Honestly, I have a lot of slippers and sandals in my room (that was way back in high school days). They told me that I cannot play volleyball if I don't have rubber shoes and I feel like crying that morning, telling them that I don't have any and I can still play volleyball using my slippers. I heard them saying "Let her wear her slippers so that she would know why rubber shoes is important."

Training starts in stretching and that was so easy until jogging started. At first it was okay until I found out that we're jogging almost 30 minutes and I am feeling a little pain on my foot palm. After 45 minutes, I asked them if I could stop jogging because of the pain from my foot palm that goes up on my lower leg. And that was the time they talked to me and said that rubber shoes is so important especially with that kind of sports. League will start after that month so they still give me a chance to join them in training if I already have a rubber shoes.

I rushed home to tell my parents about this, unfortunately they don't have enough money to buy me a rubber shoes instead they borrow my cousin's shoes. It actually fits perfectly and the next morning I was so happy to show them that I already have a rubber shoes to use. I felt less pain but I still managed to jog for almost 2 hours with 15 minutes break. 

There are different kinds of rubber shoes (athletic shoes) which consists of:
  • Running shoes - if you're going to look at it, you will think that walking and running shoes are just the same. Try to look inside of it, cushions are thicker compared to walking shoes. Cushion must be thick because when we run, we use more force when we land our feet to the ground.
  • Walking shoes - this is just a simple casual shoe and it is right for everyday walking.
  • Cross-Trainers - this is an all-purpose shoes and good for saving money not to buy a lot of different shoes. But this shoes doesn't have enough cushion and not that flexible.
I Race Against Hunger (Isang Hakbang Pilipinas)
My family and I finds time to jog every weekend, because that is the only time that four of us are complete. What I have here now is just a walking shoes that I bought when I was in college. And I believe I can't use it anymore because of it's condition. See for yourself...

Shoes Over-Used
Now that I don't have a nice shoes to use, I cannot jog anymore. I need to jog once a week in order to maintain a good heart beat. Heart problem was detected last 2005, cardiologist told me that I have a Sinus Arrhythmia. It is an irregular beating that leads to rhythm disorder and it really disturbs me a lot. Heart beat so strong and fast that wakes me up in the middle of the night, and normal beat while watching horror movies even if I am already scared. Doctor told me that I need to undergo a 2D-Echo for them to trace if there would be some problem aside from irregular beating and thank God the result was negative. He just gave me advice to take the medicines that he prescribed and to jog once a week to bring back the regular beat of my heart.

How can I jog if I don't have a shoes again? This time I need not a walking shoes but a running shoes that would be okay for my jogging/bonding time with my family and of course for my health needs. I would still prefer to have a pink running shoes because I am so cute ^_~ and I love pink and the weight of shoes must be very light to wear. I found out that here in Philippines, they're welcoming a brand new running shoes and this is their Facebook Page : On-Running. I am so excited to see those shoes in malls, and I know they have a color pink running shoes and 6.5 for my size. ^_^

The 2011 Cloudsurfer - Rose / Pink (Women's)
I promised to jog every week and to join a lot of fun run wearing that cute and very light weight running shoes!

Friday, June 10, 2011

M&M's Candydates Vote & Win Campaign

          What is your favorite color? I remember when I was a kid, my parents bought me a lot of things. It doesn't matter if the price is expensive or cheap as long as the color would be Pink. I grew up knowing that Pink is only for the girls and Blue is for the boys. That is why until now i preferred Pink for all of my stuffs. But if ever Pink does not exist, I would choose Blue for my favorite color. Back when I was in my elementary days, two of my classmates asked me "If there's no Pink then why Blue instead of Yellow or Red which is good color for the girls?". Instead of answering them, I just smiled and get a small pack of M&M's in my bag which I bought in Duty Free when my Dad came from abroad. I opened it and told them that they should get 1 piece only. They ask me why only one? They didn't know that it is still part of my answer. I wasn't surprised when they chose Blue because I believe that 90 percent of all Filipinos would pick Blue M&M's instead of the other colors. They smiled back at me when they saw me smiling at them, because they just realized that my answer was already inside their mouth hahaha! ^_^

          M&M's is my only one great love when it comes to chocolate candies. Mom told me that when I was a kid, I have had a hard time pronouncing it. Instead of "M&M's" they would hear me saying "NEM", and they already know what I want. Now that I know how to pronounce the name very clear, I will not just get a pack of M&M's chocolate candies and show my favorite color but I can now tell to the whole world that...
"I LOVE M&M's BLUE...!!!"

          M&M's had already launched its Vote & Win campaign. Stephanie, Kok, Mars Philippines, Inc.'s Brands Specialist - Chocolate: "We've all got our favorite M&M's colours, but which of the five really speak to Filipinos collectively? Only M&M's Vote and Win campaign will tell. We're excited to have Filipinos be part of this fun campaign and uncover the exciting content we have online. So cast your votes now. Our M&M's Candydates await you!".

          M&M's Vote and Win Campaign is part of a global campaign to celebrate the people's choice candydate. The Australians & New Zealanders fell for the "People minded" Yellow while the Americans melted for the "Irresistible" Miss Green, but who will win the hearts of the Filipinos?

          Now we, Filipinos, has a chance to vote for the most popular M&M's Candydate. And it is no other than BLUE "MR. COOL". We can make Mr. Cool (Blue) our Philippine Candydate because of its color. Philippine flag has a Blue color that represents "Peace" and it is important that the blue must be put at the top of the red to avoid war in our country. If we are all "COOL" then our country will be "PEACEFUL". ^_^

Here are the Candydates:

  • Blue, a.k.a. Mr cool, confident and contemporary, is hoping that his charm with the ladies and varying degrees of coolness will help him to sway the public vote.
  • Red, a power colour by nature, was born to lead and as he is a pro at bossing people around, he’ll be forcing your hand for you vote.
  • Orange isn’t quite sure how he got sucked into this in the first place and is feeling somewhat nervous so is in desperate need of some support.
  • Yellow thinks all the nicest things in the world are yellow, like sunflowers, so feels he deserves to win. 
  • Miss Green is out to prove that sister’s are doing it for themselves. A feisty lady, she is not afraid to use her female charms to get what she wants!

          Registration is free and no proof of purchase is needed. Remember to vote as much as you wish and be sweetly rewarded! Wanna know the grand prize? Log onto www.m-ms.com.ph to vote, check for updates and meet the candydates before casting that important vote.

     So which hue suits you? Cast your Vote to Mr. Cool and Win!

Tunog Natin! Original Pilipino Music (OPM) Free Concert Series

          I love music. I play music while cleaning our house, washing the dishes, washing our clothes, sleeping, blogging and in public vehicles going somewhere. Music gives me a lot of emotion on doing something, it is actually depends on my mood. If I am happy, I would play techno or disco. love songs when I am in love or broken hearted. But what kind of music do I play?

          There are a lot of songs out there that we wanted to hear. Some are popularized by foreign singers that almost all countries know how to sing it. 90 percent of all Filipinos are now addicted to a foreign music. What happened to  our local music? I once asked one of my friends about it, and she said that "They are not popular like Bieber and Lady Gaga." I guess she's right, people like her listens only to what is popular. That is why a lot of our OPM (Original Pilipino Music) songs didn't have any chance to grow because it is our fault. We only supports foreign music and we never help our local singers to improve their craft by listening to their songs.

          What should we do to make them become popular like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber? We must love our own and support them always. How about attending a free concert this coming June 15, 2011 at the Ayala Triangle Gardens? It's not Gaga and Bieber, but a lot of local singers that would help to revive Filipinos interest on the slowly fading Original Pilipino Music (OPM).

          The much awaited performers that will perform an all-OPM repertoire:

True Faith
(New Wave, Easy Listening,
Middle of the Road and Pop OPM Band)
(Alternative OPM Rock Band)
(Alternative OPM Rock Band)
(Alternative OPM Rock Band)
1:43(Ground Breaking OPM BoyBand)
(Best Selling Acoustic Artists)
Princess Velasco
(Best Selling Acoustic Artists)
(Gold Record Artist-Composer)
Aries Sales
(Acoustic Act)
(OPM Bossa Nova Queen)
Arnee Hidalgo
(Multi-Awarded R&B Artist)
Mr. Jim Paredes
(Classic Singer-Songwriter) from APO Hiking Society
          The free concert will be called "Tunog Natin". It will be a part of the Colors of Freedom celebration at Makati and is also tied in with the Freedom Concert tonight (June 10, 2011) featuring Bituin Escalante, Gerard Salonga and Filharmonika orchestra. "Tunog Natin" is a series of concert that the real estate developer will stage in key locations in Metro Manila in line with its upcoming milestone events and project launches. The first in the series would be on June 15, 2011 coincides with the launch date of the second tower of Avida Towers San Lorenzo (Latest condominium offering in Makati).

          Avida Land Corp. supports this free concert to preserve and develops Filipino culture especially when it comes to Original Pilipino Music (OPM). Like what Ms. Tess Tatco (Marketing manager of Avida Land Corp.) says that "OPM represents the best music that we can share with one another and offer the rest of the world. Life for a true-blue Pinoy is simply unimaginable without it. Over the years, since the 1980s, OPM has evolved with our culture and passed on to many generations. It is a source of pride as well as a source of inspiration for Filipinos. Those of us who have a passionate and abiding love for OPM are welcome to Tunog Natin!".

          Myrus who is already a Gold Record Artist and Composer and the project head of "Tunog Natin!" says "No less than the future of OPM is at stake in this concert. It would be such a loss to our cultural heritage if we do not fight the trend and just allow OPM to die out. It’s also in the best interest of Filipino musicians, especially the young, up-and-coming artists, for OPM to continue—our future as musical artists depends on it." He also said that the concert series seeks to revive interest and appreciation for OPM to assure the future of both the artist and Filipino Music.

          We can help bring new life to OPM and save the heirtage and legacy of Filipino musicians by attending "Tunog Natin!" Free Concert on June 15, 2011 at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. See you there!

*Thank you Mr.Chris Cahilig and Ms.Judy Teo and Avida Land Corp.